Monday, 4 February 2019

Give your Interiors the Traditional Touch!

India has a culture that is firmly rooted in rich traditions— and if you are looking for a theme for your home interior, why not go all out to embrace the soul of our artistic heritage? Staying true to your roots is always a good idea, and if you are ready to give your home a traditional touch, here are some ideas on how you can incorporate Indian elements into your living spaces. 

Set the right note the entrance with an ornate mounted brass knocker– the perfect statement for your main door! Make a strong first impression even as you welcome guests to your home.


A bronze uruli is a traditional Kerala vessel that has now found its way into the foyers of homes and resorts. Originally used to make large quantities of ayurvedic medicine or festival payasams, this classic vessel has now become a popular décor accessory. Fill yours with water, rose petals and floating candles to make it even prettier. 

Bright colours, silk cushions with ethnic motifs, and low wooden seating are all elements that you could expect to find in a traditional Indian living room. Typically, ethnic fabrics are heavily patterned and in vibrant hues. To showcase these fabrics, you should make sure that you have neutral pale colours in the background. Bright colours against a bright background can have an unsettling effect indeed!

If you have the space in your living room or balcony, a polished wooden ‘oonjal’ suspended from the ceiling on brass chains can form a lovely seating area that accentuates the ethnic theme. 

Cane furniture is not only eco-friendly, but it can be economical too. Dress yours up with handloom cushions to make it comfy and visually appealing. 

To delineate your floor spaces, you can lay down some patterned woven dhurries in hand-knotted cotton, wool or jute. Painstakingly handcrafted by village artisans, dhurries are great for any room. Be careful to choose the colours carefully; the colour you choose for the dhurrie should complement the other colours used in your room.  

No Indian interior is complete without some traditional Nataraja, Krishna or Ganesha artifacts. An intricate brass statue can be the focal point in your themed interior. So can a painting or mural that is hung at eye level on a focal wall. Seek out art with colours that match your furnishings, and you will have a winning combination!  

If at all possible, replacing your floor tiles with the famed Athungudi tiles from Chettinad can recreate a historic ambiance like no other. A dying art that is, fortunately, being revived, these handmade tiles are made by dedicated craftsmen in beautiful patterns using natural dyes. An interesting point to note is that the older they get, the more beautiful these tiles look!

Keep an eye out for interesting artifacts in your local antique shop. For those looking for unique finds, such shops are truly a treasure trove. Items like this old jewelry box from Kerala are a timeless find. You can restore and repurpose it to store your keys, letters, visiting cards and much more. 
Take a peek into your grandmother’s closet to find some dusty heirlooms that she may have long forgotten. You could find some old copper pots and pans like these. After a good rub down, they can be the pride and joy of your home. Such lovely old cooking vessels are just not created anymore!

And do remember that you have all the time in the world to get your interior perfect. A home interior that evolves over time can accommodate all the quirky, unique little bits and pieces that catch your eye from time to time. A delicately patterned throw rug here, a gorgeous old mirror there; there is no limit to what you pick up that would be just right for your home.

It’s all about combining different elements and textures. Listen to your heart, and furnish your home with love!



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