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Monday, 4 February 2019

Give your Interiors the Traditional Touch!

India has a culture that is firmly rooted in rich traditions— and if you are looking for a theme for your home interior, why not go all out to embrace the soul of our artistic heritage? Staying true to your roots is always a good idea, and if you are ready to give your home a traditional touch, here are some ideas on how you can incorporate Indian elements into your living spaces. 

Set the right note the entrance with an ornate mounted brass knocker– the perfect statement for your main door! Make a strong first impression even as you welcome guests to your home.


A bronze uruli is a traditional Kerala vessel that has now found its way into the foyers of homes and resorts. Originally used to make large quantities of ayurvedic medicine or festival payasams, this classic vessel has now become a popular décor accessory. Fill yours with water, rose petals and floating candles to make it even prettier. 

Bright colours, silk cushions with ethnic motifs, and low wooden seating are all elements that you could expect to find in a traditional Indian living room. Typically, ethnic fabrics are heavily patterned and in vibrant hues. To showcase these fabrics, you should make sure that you have neutral pale colours in the background. Bright colours against a bright background can have an unsettling effect indeed!

If you have the space in your living room or balcony, a polished wooden ‘oonjal’ suspended from the ceiling on brass chains can form a lovely seating area that accentuates the ethnic theme. 

Cane furniture is not only eco-friendly, but it can be economical too. Dress yours up with handloom cushions to make it comfy and visually appealing. 

To delineate your floor spaces, you can lay down some patterned woven dhurries in hand-knotted cotton, wool or jute. Painstakingly handcrafted by village artisans, dhurries are great for any room. Be careful to choose the colours carefully; the colour you choose for the dhurrie should complement the other colours used in your room.  

No Indian interior is complete without some traditional Nataraja, Krishna or Ganesha artifacts. An intricate brass statue can be the focal point in your themed interior. So can a painting or mural that is hung at eye level on a focal wall. Seek out art with colours that match your furnishings, and you will have a winning combination!  

If at all possible, replacing your floor tiles with the famed Athungudi tiles from Chettinad can recreate a historic ambiance like no other. A dying art that is, fortunately, being revived, these handmade tiles are made by dedicated craftsmen in beautiful patterns using natural dyes. An interesting point to note is that the older they get, the more beautiful these tiles look!

Keep an eye out for interesting artifacts in your local antique shop. For those looking for unique finds, such shops are truly a treasure trove. Items like this old jewelry box from Kerala are a timeless find. You can restore and repurpose it to store your keys, letters, visiting cards and much more. 
Take a peek into your grandmother’s closet to find some dusty heirlooms that she may have long forgotten. You could find some old copper pots and pans like these. After a good rub down, they can be the pride and joy of your home. Such lovely old cooking vessels are just not created anymore!

And do remember that you have all the time in the world to get your interior perfect. A home interior that evolves over time can accommodate all the quirky, unique little bits and pieces that catch your eye from time to time. A delicately patterned throw rug here, a gorgeous old mirror there; there is no limit to what you pick up that would be just right for your home.

It’s all about combining different elements and textures. Listen to your heart, and furnish your home with love!


Monday, 4 June 2018

Modular Kitchens – 5 Reasons Why They Work Best for Your Home

Modular kitchens comprise of modern kitchen furniture that has been constructed in modules or units. These consist of cabinets and other selected elements of variable sizes.

Kitchens have, in the last couple of years, gained a popularity that was previously unimaginable. Before, they were large, unattractive, dark spaces used only for cooking and storing the month’s groceries. Now, they have become stylish, elegant and modern units around which the entire household operates.

Besides cooking, kitchens are increasingly being used to entertain, and have evolved into beautiful, evocative spaces that add to, if not enhance the beauty of a home. Just because they aren’t of prime focus, does not mean that they need to be put together haphazardly. Homeowners today know and understand the value of having a beautiful kitchen – one that is well thought out, planned and merges seamlessly with the rest of the home decor. Modular kitchens have become a wonderful step in this direction, helping people plan the look of the kitchen well in advance, and also the accessories that go into completing the look.

modular kitchens

Besides the several advantages they have, of most importance is their versatility and space utilization. There are several others which are detailed below;


Modular kitchens consist of wooden blocks and are specifically designed to keep your kitchen clutter-free and clean. The quality of material used, and design make them a versatile and hygienic option than traditional kitchens. Cleaning a modular kitchen also takes a much less effort than traditional ones.


Every corner of your kitchen is properly utilized and each modular unit is specifically tailored for convenience. These units can be shifted or rearranged so that everything, be it the hob, the sink or your work area, are within easy reach.


You can access every corner of your kitchen with the use of modular kitchen accessories such as racks, baskets, holders, bins and trays. The compact design of a modular kitchen allows for maximum space utilization.


Compared to the price of constructing a traditional kitchen, where each element has to be individually selected, fitted and workmen hired to put everything together, a modular kitchen is relatively cheaper. Because manufacturers produce such kitchen modules in bulk, everything is set up efficiently and with minimum wastage. Thus, designers can afford to give you better prices and customizable options.


Each unit can be detached and removed from a modular kitchen. Therefore, in case a specific unit needs repairs, it can be done efficiently and easily, and you won’t have workmen hammering away in your kitchen all day long either. Individual units can easily be replaced without even slightly altering the rest of the components. They are durable too. As with traditional kitchen units, you can pick and choose the elements used in the construction of modular units, the handles or knobs used on each unit and the finish and style of the units as well. A modular kitchen is therefore very adaptable and a good idea for a contemporary living space.

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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Home Design: The Four Seasons Decor That Will up the Vibes in Your Home

Every season has their own colour, fragrance and overall feel, and the change in them every three months is an inescapable reason to work the décor of your home. If you’re any sort of a green panther or someone who just doesn’t get enough of the nature, the four beautiful seasons, dressing your home in their colours is probably what you should already do. 

Here’s a list of ideas that will surely help you to find the right for your home’s mood; of course in melange with the springs, the summers, the falls and the winters of the year. 

Colours of the seasons draped in iridescent accents

Whether be the bright and fresh hues of spring, the amber of the fall foliage, the light and delicate casts of summer or the ruby reds and lime greens of winters, each of these colours have a unique, beautiful personality and a constantly evolving temperament. Imagine, every nook of your home adorned in these colours. The home design ideas that you can spin around the seasons’ colours can create a magnum opus of your artistic skills.

Irresistible little elements of the seasons 

Show your affinity with seasons in every nook of your home. How? The old rustic chest that you thought was ready to be thrown out can be laid on against the wall adding drama to the decor of the room. Some hand-painted lanterns in your balcony can go a long way, fitting to almost all the seasons. Ever heard of summer in a bowl? Yes, we are talking about potpourri that can accentuate the aura of an entire room.

Wreaths and corsages for those wooden doors and windows

Reminiscent of the medieval period, wreaths and corsages on doors and windows are a perfect way to grace the outside of your home. A pastel or a rosewood wreath on the window is a perfect fix for those winter evenings when you have friends coming over for a meet-cute. Easy to make, wreaths can be changed across seasons and re-used every year. Nothing welcomes guests better than a fresh, green and mossy wreath or a colourful corsage at your front door. 

Splash them seasons across blinds, upholsteries and carpets

There’s is still a lot on the home design front that can be played around with, keeping in check the seasonal variations. Whilst summer expects your home to have a light, sunny and fluorescent ambience, winters seek darker shades and textures, icy tones and shocking pinks for those window drapes and curtains to balance the cold outside while keeping the interiors of your house warm and cozy. Springs are all about the bright and fresh rainbow palette that will bring the liveliness of the season into your house with the multi-coloured carpets and blinds. And the autumns! You must try amber and other rosy colors next time you’re going upholstery shopping.

Let the seasons reflect their silhouette inside your home

Yes! Let all the seasons to the talking with each of your decor items. Let them teach you how to embrace all the goodness each season presents. There could not be a better way to bring nature into your abode and feel the liveliness all year-round!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Sliding Wardrobe Designs

Swing wardrobes are great space savers that present the wardrobe unit with a sleek profile. The sliding doors cover the whole wardrobe from top to bottom and present the bedroom with a sleek storage unit that boasts a contemporary look. If you wish to give the bedroom a sophisticated appeal with a sliding door wardrobe you can opt for a mirror sliding door wardrobe that enhances the visual appearance of the room by making it look spacious and airy.

Sliding Wardrobe Designs Online

Sliding wardrobes can be used for small as well as large rooms. As the doors slide horizontally, this wardrobe will not accommodate additional floor space, which makes it good for small rooms. Likewise, large rooms can house a large wardrobe with lengthy doors running horizontally to give you complete accesses to the essentials stored in the wardrobe.

Buy Sliding Wardrobes Online

With a sliding door wardrobe, you can designate individual sections to organize the essentials based on the frequency of its use and the ease of access you need. The only concern with a sliding door wardrobe is that it will block the view of the part of the wardrobe, which is closed when the other side is opened.

Modular Sliding Wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes can save a great deal of space and you can compartmentalize the wardrobe to organise your closet in the most efficient way. Modular sliding wardrobes can accommodate your clothes and accessories including shoes, bags and more! All you need to do is choose from a wide range of sliding wardrobe designs online and get your favorite wardrobe customized to suit your space.

Swing Wardrobe

The most common type of wardrobe used in many homes are swing wardrobes. These wardrobes use hinges to connect shutters to the wardrobe unit. When buying a swing wardrobe there are a number of factors to consider in choosing the right size, based on the space available in the room. Swing wardrobes are available in shapes including L-Shaped, Pentagonal corners and triangular for you to get the best wardrobe unit suitable for the space.

Swing Wardrobe Designs Online

Wardrobe buying can a tedious affair, if you are unsure of the various kinds of wardrobe that are available to suit your needs. While wardrobes can be swing or sliding or even walk-in, you need to choose the one that is appropriate for your room. While swing wardrobes are the most common of the range, these are more commonly used owing to its convenience and functionality.

Buy Swing Wardrobes Online

Swing wardrobes have an advantage of improving visibility, thereby giving you a clear view of the entire wardrobe. As the shutters of the wardrobe open completely, you have easy access to the essentials stored in the wardrobe. The wide open space available with swing doors makes it easy for you to store the essentials in its respective compartments for better organisation.

Buy Kitchen Cabinets

Remarkable Kitchens for Exceptional Cooks

We believe in furnishing with warm shades and functional platforms to provide you with a suitable kitchen design online to get the best from your culinary skills. We present to you, kitchen designs that are a perfect blend of aesthetics and convenience. Our modular kitchen designs aim to provide you everything you need in order to put a delicious meal on the table. Kitchen accessories, appliances and ingredients are organized within kitchen cabinets, open shelves, hooks and platforms keeping in mind the aesthetics of the arrangement. Our well-crafted kitchen designs are constantly raising the bar in terms of presentation and efficiency.

Kitchen Cabinet Online Shopping

We understand that every family is unique, as is their home needs. This is why we provide a variety of kitchen interiors online to pick from. A Parallel Kitchen design makes the most of small spaces, with neat nooks for prepping and cooking along with overhead shelves and below counters. A U-Shaped Kitchen interior is a perfect blend of kitchen and dining. Workspaces are arranged along three walls, giving you an open area in the middle, for a dining table. The L-Shaped Kitchen design is ideal for large spaces and families. The extended prepping area has room for more than one cook to help put together a feast for every festival. A Straight Kitchen interior is true to its name and follows a linear assembly of cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Setting up a modular kitchen design is a long-term investment that requires careful thought and consideration. This is why we ensure that you have a hassle-free service that gives you a kitchen interior that you will love with a few easy steps. Once you have an idea of your dream kitchen interior, reach out to our designers to determine if it is the right choice for your space.Based on your preferences, our designers will bring your ideas to life by giving you a 3-D idea of your design. Giving you ample time to pin down what you need from a kitchen design. Take a look at our varied kitchen designs online.

L-shaped-kitchen Design

From no space to more space with l-shaped kitchen

A contemporary L-shaped kitchen design is all about an easy and modern living style that offers an eternal appearance. Such L shaped kitchens embed voguish designs that are ergonomically constructed to be spacious and striking to look. When it comes to furnishing an L-Shaped kitchen, then it's a perfect idea and can be done easily, so gear up for great kitchen makeover. For quick upgrade of cooking area team up with such furniture which is ergonomic and stylish. Read on to know more about the L-shaped kitchen that will make your kitchen look spacious and modern.

Why choose an L-shaped kitchen design?

A kitchen is the soul of any house that needs adequate attention while planning and designing. L-shaped kitchen designs are most suitable for kitchens with limited space. Being placed in the corner, the L-shaped design gives ample space to move around and provides great seating space.
You can consider installing an island in L-Shaped kitchen, which provides storage and seating with chairs. An L-shaped kitchen design allows you to opt for cabinets that features exquisite styling and provides a fresh look to the kitchen.

Featuring working triangle with L-shaped kitchen online

The most important feature of easy cooking is the availability of foot space in the kitchen. The efforts are reduced when you do not have to walk far to reach out for things in the kitchen. The working triangle ensures easy mobility between oven, sink, stove and refrigerator. While many struggle for counter and storage space with small kitchen, equipping it with an L-shaped kitchen gives lots of room for customization.

Give it a nifty look

The furnishing for an L-shaped kitchen can be chosen from a range of colors. Consider either matching the furnishing color with the floor or choosing neutral or counter tones to accentuate the look of your kitchen. While providing a stunning look, an L-shaped kitchen provides a perfect layout and multiple entrances for stress-free cooking. An L-shaped kitchen is not restricted to small or medium spaced kitchen. If there is enough room in the kitchen, you can consider installing a table for efficient kitchen layout and ease while working, whether chopping vegetables and doing other chores.