Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Top Tips to Renovate Your Home For Rent or Re-sale

We’ve always discussed about doing up new homes, but renovating an existing one for re-sale is not paid much attention to. With people getting transferred more often and staying in temporary accommodations, it often happens that homes change hands very frequently. Have you ever thought of renovating your home before renting to reselling it and didn’t know where to begin?

When renovating your home, the key point to remember is not to go overboard. Do up the home on a reasonable budget so as not to spend as much on it as what a new home would cost. Below are top tips that we think will help.

Although outward appearances may not be very relevant when it comes to apartments, independent homes could do well with some care around. The way a home looks outwardly can largely influence how attractive it is to people who want to lease, rent or buy it. For independent homes, start by pruning trees, replacing dead and tired plants, keep the front courtyard neat and tidy and make the property look fresher, spacious and light. Re-do any cracks in the pavement, resurface the driveway and keep the gates well oiled. Even small apartments can do with a new coat of paint on the exterior walls, repairing any cracks and taking care of doors and windows.


Kitchens are where homeowners spend the maximum time, so their appearance lifts the look of a home considerably. Beware of re-doing the entire kitchen though, since homeowners always have their own distinct tastes. It would be better to start by just giving the kitchen a facelift – repair chipped laminates and wood, fix handles and taps, replace whatever’s broken or severely damaged. Adding accessories such as built-in waste bins, accessory trays and hidden lighting gives kitchens a contemporary look and positively affects their re-sale value. 


Storage is one factor that all homeowners, irrespective of who they are or where they came from, always love. People are always looking at how much they can store and want to optimise every nook and cranny. In small homes especially, this is an absolute must. Build spacious Pooja rooms in the living area, lofts in bedrooms, built-in niches to store knick knacks and books if possible, wardrobes in bedrooms, drawers and shelves in kitchens. Storage spaces that are higher and set into the wall work out much better.


Bathrooms and toilets are what many people first step into the home to see. A spacious bathroom and toilet area or two of them, will make any buyer happy. It isn’t about what materials or fittings are used, but about convenience and practically which every homeowner spends on. Upgrading existing bathrooms is all about ensuring pipes aren’t leaking, taps and fittings aren’t rusted, fitting new handles and knobs and even replacing the toilet seat if required. 


Flooring is the most obvious and dominant feature in the house. Replacing floors may be too expensive, especially when older tiles have to be replaced. Instead, consider doing it for certain parts of the house or re-sand and re-seal existing floors. Grout areas of the floor with gaps or replace if it looks very stained and old. Floors affect the purchase of a home in a significant way.


Connecting home interiors to exterior spaces such as balconies and terraces make the home very attractive and livable for buyers. Rather than building or breaking anything, minor changes and additions have much impact. Build overhead roofing to protect against the elements especially in open areas, place bamboo mats or attractive screens around windows to provide privacy. Place storage and sit-out areas wherever possible and make service areas and washing areas discreet. This saves people plenty of time thereafter.

Although renovating homes is a huge task in itself and can overshoot budgets, getting rid of structures or walls if possible should be factored in. Spacious homes are attractive and create a good vibe. Small homes and apartments can do well with having a wall removed or half walls for kitchens. However the structure and its weight bearing capacity should be factored in while thinking of doing this.

There are plenty of ways to renovate a home, and plenty more in making minor changes so the space transforms into something attractive. All that home renovation requires is a bit of time, some thought and a reasonable budget.


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